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Do you want to chat online with The Online Family Lawyer who can answer questions that you have in relation to your family law matter? If so, please subscribe now. It's a simple subscription that won't take long at all.

If The Online Family Lawyer is not online at the time you subscribe then we will be in contact very soon to assist. The cost of speaking to The Online Family Lawyer is only $80.00 + GST for 20 minutes.

If you would prefer face to face contact then we can arrange a Skype meeting for $100.00 + GST for 20 minutes. Following your chat with The Online Family Lawyer, we are able to contact you via a complimentary email to provide any useful information and resources that may be of benefit to you.

For the purpose of information provided to you via instant chat or Skype chat via The Online Family Lawyer, the information provided is informative only and does not constitute proper legal advice.

By continuing with this process you acknowledge that no solicitor/client relationship is established and that this service is informative only.

We accept no liability for the information provided as it is intended to be of a general nature. These terms and conditions are subject to South Australian legislation and any claims arising in relation to the use of this service is to be dealt with in that jurisdiction.

This service is only to be used by persons over the age of eighteen and by continuing with this service you acknowledge that you are eighteen years or older.


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