What we do - Legal Aid

We are happy to help you apply for Legal Aid and represent clients in receipt of a grant of Legal Aid. We will work just as hard for you as if you are a private paying client. If you are applying for Legal Aid yourself then you can complete our contact details at question #46 of the Application form. If you are approved funding then Legal Aid will write to us and we will contact you to get things moving.

Legal Aid is both means and merit based. If your application for Legal Aid has been rejected then we suggest that you give us a call immediately to see if we can help. There is a time limit to appeal and Legal Aid rejection.

We can otherwise assist you to apply for a grant of Legal Aid. Book an appointment with our paralegals at one of our meeting rooms.


We are a Specialist Family Law firm.  We are socially responsible.  We aim to make Family Law as accessible as possible.

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