What we do - Property Settlements

Let us take the anger out of your property settlement and provide you with expert Family Law advice to put you in the best possible position. We’ll try to keep your matter out of Court to minimise the stress and expense involved. Unfortunately not all matters can be resolved amicably so if we need to go to Court then we certainly are experienced to guide you through that process.

The FLP can provide advice in relation to your property entitlements if you separate from your spouse or de facto partner. The law in relation to property division is complex and it is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice. If you and your ex partner are able to agree on property division then we can help by drafting either a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) or Consent Minutes of Order which are registered with the Family Law Courts.

We can also assist by directly negotiating with your ex partner or their solicitor and making confidential enquiries to ascertain your ex partner’s superannuation interest.


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We are a Specialist Family Law firm.  We are socially responsible.  We aim to make Family Law as accessible as possible.

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