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Secrets Of A Divorce Lawyer: An Insider’s Guide For Successfully Navigating Separation And Saving On Legal Fees

Separated and trying to stay out of court?

Trying to navigate the Family Law system?

Feeling a sense of overwhelm, trying to avoid lawyers or hoping to minimise your current legal fees?

It doesn’t matter if your separation is amicable or if it is high conflict, nor does it matter if you are self-represented or currently have a lawyer – Secrets of a Divorce Lawyer will provide you with guidance and cost-saving tips to navigate the complex Family Law system. It could potentially save you thousands of dollars when resolving your property or parenting matter.

Lawyers are one of the most distrusted professions in Australia. They have a reputation for overcharging clients while lining their own pockets. In this book, Shaya Lewis-Dermody, a specialist family lawyer with over 20 years experience, recognises the challenges of dealing with layers and navigating the Family Law process.

Having seen it all, Shaya doesn’t believe in dirty tricks. She also doesn’t believe in keeping them a secret!

In Secrets of a Divorce Lawyer, you’ll discover:

  • The tricks that lawyers use to generate fees and ‘milk’ your matter;
  • How choosing the wrong lawyer could cost you thousands;
  • How to choose the right lawyer if you choose to engage one;
  • Tips to stay out of court;
  • Tips for self-represented litigants for matters both in and out of Court;
  • Ways to significantly reduce your legal fees if you do decide to instruct a lawyer.

Plus hundreds more tips which could save you thousands of dollars.

Separate Ways: Surviving Post-separation Grief, The Stress Of Divorce Or Separation, And The Family Law Process

Have you recently separated?

Do you feel a sense of loss or grief?

Are you struggling to navigate your separation and family law matter?

Perhaps you don’t feel like your ‘normal’ self. Perhaps you feel alone on this journey – everyone around you has carried on with their lives, but your life has changed significantly.

You are not alone.

Many of the emotions that you experience following separation are due to the sense of loss and grief following the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a family, and the loss of your expectations as to how your life should be.

Nobody goes into a relationship anticipating a breakup!

In Separate Ways, Shaya Lewis-Dermody explores the concepts of loss and grief following your relationship breakdown.

You’ll discover:

  • An understanding of the stages of grief and loss in the context of separation which, in turn, will help you to understand that it is okay to grieve
  •  Strategies to survive this period, including insights and tips from mental health professionals who work who work with separated families.
  • Practical advice from the perspective of an experienced family lawyer, including how to navigate the family law system.

I contacted The FLP over the Christmas period due to a very high conflict custody issue. I was relived and very pleased when Shaya promptly returned my email to make arrangements for an appointment.

The flexibility and accessibility of The FLP are what make them the best choice.


Thank you. I cannot say it enough. Any issue I raised was handled immediately and I was kept informed of all communication between parties. Your team has made one of the most stressful and upsetting times in my life considerably easier. I will be recommending your team to others.

Not only has your entire team been professional, you have been friendly and willing to hold a conversation.


About the Instructor

Shaya Lewis-Dermody is a specialist Australian Family Lawyer with over twenty years’ experience. She is the Author of two award winning Family Law books Separate Ways and Secrets of a Divorce Lawyer: An Insider’s Guide for Successfully Navigating Separation and Saving on Legal Fees”.

Shaya was the 2022 winner of the National Women in Law Awards for category ‘Thought Leader of the Year” and has been a finalist for 3 consecutive years in the National Women in Law Awards in categories of Thought Leader of the Year and Innovator of the Year. She was recently also a finalist in the Law Society Justice Award. Regularly featured as a thought leader in her field, Shaya has conducted media interviews with ABC Radio, The Saturday Paper, Domain and many more.

In creating this online course, Shaya was of the view that it needed to be broken into snippets of short video content which is user friendly and ditch the legalese!

I contacted The FLP over the Christmas period due to a very high conflict custody issue. I was relived and very pleased when Shaya promptly returned my email to make arrangements for an appointment.

Shaya, Founding Director

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