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Shaya Lewis-Dermody is our Founding Director and started The FLP back in 2012 following her frustration around the lack of quality and accessible Family Law services. Shaya saw first hand the clients who were unable to access legal services due to restrictive fees. She also saw Legal Aid clients being discriminated against and receiving “second rate” services because they were not paying their solicitor privately. She saw a need for private clients to have the option of fixed fee cost agreements. Clients who were “asset rich but cash poor” also needed deferred payment options to ensure that they have quality legal representation. There was also a way of doing things differently – remove working (long before covid!) , paperless files and the use of technology to improve client and staff experience.

The FLP has developed over the years but has always remained innovative and is now a recognised leader in the Family Law space. Shaya was awarded the National Thought Leader of the Year award in 2022. In 2021, 2020 and 2019 The FLP was named a national finalist in thought leader and innovator of the year categories for the Women in Law Awards.

Elham Rabbah joined The FLP as a Director in 2020 having worked in the Family Law space for many years. Prior to coming on board as a Director, Elham had already been working with The FLP and was a key contributor to the success of the business. Elham equally shares Shaya’s passion for providing exceptional client service and together they are committed to guide clients through their Family Law journey.


As someone who is separated and trying to navigate the family law system, you are likely to already feeling some sense of confusion and possibly stressed. You may also be concerned about adding uncertain legal fees into the mix. Did you know that many law firms charge in 6 minute intervals for their time? This means when speaking with a lawyer in person or on the phone that when the clock ticks over to 7 minutes you will be charged ‘2 units’. Who wants to have that lack of transparency and be ‘watching the clock’ when speaking with a solicitor?! We believe that Family Law services should be accessible to everyone, and we make this possible by offering competitive fixed fee services, flexible appointment times, offering unbundled legal services and through our Family Law books and online courses.

Regardless of whether your separation has been amicable or is high conflict, we will work with you to determine whether there are alternative cost effective solutions for you. Oftentimes matters do not need to go to Court even if there has been high level conflict. We will never (ever!) suggest that you initiate Court proceedings unless it is necessary.

Legalese is awful. It consists of specialised terms or phrases used in the legal profession and which lawyers spend years learning in law school.

In witness whereof, the parties hereunto, Chattel, Discovery, In loco parentis & Prima facie are all examples of legalese which often just sounds like mumbo jumbo!

We promise to ditch the legal jargon and explain the law and process to you in plain English.

We also provide you with a no BS approach and guidance through your Family Law journey. We will work with you to put a plan together to help you achieve your goals and desired outcome in your matter.

In addition to ditching the jargon, we undertake to return your phone calls and emails in a timely manner. We will keep you updated regularly throughout your matter without you having to initiate contact.

As a socially responsible company, we are committed to doing our part for the planet and our community. Our office is paperless, we use 100% recycled paper and we support ethical products such as Oxfam Fair Trade, eco-friendly Carton & Co Water. We have raised over $100,000 for charity over the last 8 years and participated in a 500km charity bike ride in Thailand for an Aussie-based charity helping Thai children in need. Over this time, a number of staff at The FLP have travelled to Thailand to both participate in the bike ride and also to provide practical support to assist the disadvantaged children to build a life of choice, not chance. Staff at The FLP have helped with fundraising, odd jobs around the Homes such as building infrastructure.

We conduct a National free legal advice clinic open to anybody regardless of their income. We also are appointed by the Court to represent children in complex parenting matters under a grant of Legal Aid.

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Our Team


Shaya Lewis-Dermody

Founding Director

Shaya is an award winning lawyer and Author. She is the Founding Director of The FLP which she started in and started 2012 following her frustration around the lack of quality and accessible Family Law services. She knew things could be done differently and has been innovative to introduce fixed fees, paperless files, remove working (pre covid!) and the use of technology to efficiently work with clients.

Shaya has been practising as a Family Lawyer for over 20 years. Her key achievements:

  • Winner 2022 Thought Leader of the Year – National Women in Law Awards
  • Finalist 2019, 2020 and 2021 – Women in Law Awards in Thought Leader of the Year and Innovator of the Year categories
  • Author of Amazon #1 selling book : “Separate Ways: Surviving Post-Separation Grief, the Stress of Divorce or Separation, and the Family Law Process” (2020 Finalist Australian Business Book Awards)
  • Author of Amazon #1 selling book: “Secrets of a Divorce Lawyer: An Insider’s Guide for Successfully Navigating Separation & Saving on Legal Fees”
  • Doyles nominated lawyer
  • Independent Children’s Lawyer
  • Instructing solicitor and attendance at High Court of Australia for high profile immigration and family law matter.
  • Media commentator

Elham Rabbah


With over a decade of experience, Elham brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as Director at The Family Law Project. Prior to her appointment as Director in 2020, Elham was a key contributor to the success of the company.

Elham’s broad understanding of the industry, coupled with her work with clients facing international Family Law issues, gives her a unique perspective and deep understanding of the complexities involved in these types of cases.

Passionate about providing exceptional care for clients and staff alike, Elham is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for her clients. Her contagious enthusiasm and drive for excellence make her a valuable leader of The Family Law Project team.


Aleesha DeGiglio

Solicitor & Barrister

It has to be said – our clients rave about Aleesha!

Aleesha grew up in a rural town and has a unique blend of relaxed but professional demeanour. Aleesha has over 6 years of extensive experience in Family Law, having previously headed the division at a mid-sized South Australian firm. She is well-versed in both property and parenting matters.

Aleesha is a strong advocate in court and also finds particular enjoyment in assisting clients through solicitor assisted mediation where negotiation can achieve quick results. Aleesha is also a qualified Independent Children’s Lawyer and is regularly appointed by the court to represent children.

Monica Brogden

Solicitor & Barrister

A client recently referred to Monica as The FLP’s “Secret Weapon”!

Monica has been with at The FLP for over 4 years, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Holding a Law Degree with Honours, she is well equipped to navigate the complexities of the Family Law jurisdiction. What sets Monica apart, however, is her exceptional ability to put clients at ease and guide them through what can be one of the most challenging times in their lives. Her exceptional communication skills, combined with her empathy and dedication, make Monica a valuable asset to our team.

13. RT

Roger Tinning

Solicitor & Barrister

With over 17 years experience as a lawyer, Roger is able to offer our clients not only a wealth of knowledge but also an incredible sense of calmness. 

Roger’s colleagues and clients often comment on Roger’s pragmatic, sensible and calm approach to all matters. This is likely one of the reasons that he has a high settlement rate on property matters.

Although working in the family law space for many years, Roger also has the advantage of having practised in general practice and also the criminal law jurisdiction which is often helpful given the cross over in jurisdictions. 

During the interview for the role, Roger thought that one of the reasons to employ him would be the addition of his ‘mature’ headshot to our website. Thank you, Roger.

Isabella Strbic

Solicitor & Barrister

Isabella’s employment history includes not only Family Law but also wills & estates, criminal law and the children’s care and protection jurisdiction.  She could be said to have ‘found her place’ in the profession now that she is practising exclusively in Family Law.  

Isabella is specialising in both parenting and property matters and has a focus of keeping clients out of court. That said, Isabella has a keen interest in advocacy and ultimately her goal is become a barrister and run trials in the Family Law courts.

Isabella has a very strong work ethic and is self described as being ‘driven’ and a ‘problem solver’. She is not afraid to pick up the phone and talk to clients and opposing law firms to try to resolve matters.  How refreshing.

Outside of work Isabella facilitates a book club, loves watching soccer and has a vlog whereby she reviews lemon meringue tarts.

15. IS

Emily Fullagar

Administrative Assistant

Emily has been with The FLP for over 2 years. She will often be the first ‘port of call’ when you contact our office. Emily is exceptional at managing client files and often will be across updates on a client matter before the solicitor with conduct! As a team player, one of Emily’s roles is to work with the solicitors to ensure that clients are kept up to date and have peace of mind.

Emily is also a smarty pants. She is a dedicated student pursuing a double degree in Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychology.

Alex Wills

Administrative Assistant 

Alex is another face of The FLP who is the first ‘port of call’ when contacting our office. Alex works as an administrative assistant to work closely with the solicitors to help clients navigate their Family Law matters.

Alex is an enthusiastic and dedicated Bachelor of Law and Legal Practice student with a strong passion for justice.  Alex brings a fresh perspective to The FLP and is committed to delivering quality legal services. He enjoys a chat with clients and is very approachable.  He is working on improving his coffee making skills!

14. DC

Desiree Cooke

Administrative Assistant 

Desiree is part of our admin team and will often be your first ‘port of call’ when contacting our office. She works closely with the solicitors to ensure clients are kept up to date and that things are running smoothly ‘behind the scenes’.

Desiree describes herself as ‘humorous and energetic’. These qualities are certainly helpful when working in what can be a difficult and heavy jurisdiction. Desiree is also studying psychology and that certainly shows in terms of her approachability and empathy with clients.

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