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We are specialist Family Lawyers

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We can help you make arrangements to see your children, whether it is through negotiation, Family Dispute Resolution or court representation.

Perhaps you have had an amicable separation and you need assistance to draft a Parenting Plan or to formalise your agreement by way of Consent Minutes of Order.

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Property Settlements

Were you the main income provider of the family? Were you working your butt off looking after the kids?! Are you concerned that your superannuation forms part of the asset pool for division? Property settlements can be a time of confusion and frustration. We can help you resolve these issues and ensure that your settlement is fair.

If you have already reached an agreement with your ex partner then we can assist formalise the agreement by Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement to ensure the agreement is binding and that there is no stamp duty payable on any transfers of property.

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Wills , Powers of Attorney & Guardianship

If you are reading this then you are likely considering separation or have recently separated. It is imperative that you update your Will and estate documents to ensure that your ex partner is not included as an executor or beneficiary of your estate. Separation in itself is not sufficient to ensure this protection. Most of our Family Law clients also engage us for a ‘peace of mind’ package where we have these documents put in place to ensure the client’s wishes are legally binding.

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Drafting Agreements

Oftentimes parties have reached a property or parenting agreement themselves through direct negotiation, a service such as Amica or through a mediation or Family Dispute Resolution service. If you do not have those agreements formalised then they are unlikely to be legally binding. You may have done a lot of the negotiation and ground work yourself and now just want to ensure that the documents are ‘water tight’.

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Divorce is a separate application from your property settlement and parenting matters. Before filing your divorce application, we recommend that you contact us for guidance. Oftentimes we recommend clients complete their own Divorce application to save in legal fees but it is worth reaching out for initial advice to ensure that you are aware of time limitations for property settlements and how to best protect your property, even if the main asset is superannuation.

Child Support

Child support is dealt with independently of parenting arrangements, property settlements and divorce applications. Child support is the amount payable to one parent to provide financial support to children of the relationship.

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Independent Children’s Lawyers

Our office has qualified Independent Children’s Lawyers who are often appointed by the Federal Circuit & Family Court of Australia to represent children. These appointments are allocated and funded by Legal Aid.

Unbundled Legal Services

You may not qualify for Legal Aid yet feel as though you cannot afford the ongoing cost of a lawyer. In those circumstances, we recommend that you get some specific legal advice relevant to your personal situation. You can engage The FLP to do some limited work for you to help progress your matter.

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Legal Aid

When we have capacity, we accept legal aid matters whether it be property or parenting matters.

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