What we do - Wills, Powers of Attorney & Guardianship

We recommend that you have a Will even if you have not yet separated from your spouse or de facto partner. We recommend that you turn your mind to having a new Will drawn at pinnacle times in your life such as the commencement or breakdown of a de facto or spousal relationship. Separation in itself is not sufficient to revoke any Will that you have in place and the act of marriage revokes any Will that may have been in place.

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Guardianship are recommended for everybody regardless of whether you are entering a new relationship, recently married or separated.

A standard Will is an investment of $240.00
Couples standard Wills are a very competitive $390.00

We recommend a package which includes a Will, Power of Attorney and Power of Guardianship documents. The cost is $390.00 for a single person and $550.00 for a couple. If you instruct our office in relation to your property or parenting matter then we can offer a reduced cost for preparing the documents


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