Our Values

We are Accessible.

We aim to make specialist Family Law service as accessible as possible. We do this by offering fixed fee services, flexible appointment times and through our use of technology. We offer a non intimidating service which is free from legal jargon.

We are socially responsible.

Being socially responsible is at the core of our values. We are environmentally friendly (we run a paperless office), support produces such as Oxfam Fair Trade, Thankyou Water & Who Gives A Crap toilet paper! We also donate a percentage of your fees to our partner charities.

We have raised over $30,000 towards partner charities over the past 4 years. Not bad for a small business!

We have participated in a 500km charity bike ride in Thailand over the past 3 years to help raise money for an Aussie based charity helping Thai kids in need. We’re up for a challenge!

Our commitment to you.

  • We will follow the Family Lawyer Best Practice Guidelines as set by the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.
  • We will provide an environment which is not intimidating and will limit our use of legal jargon.
  • We promise to make Family Law accessible: extended opening hours, first free appointments and provide a host of free information and brochures at our office.
  • You will be offered very competitive pricing and we promise to provide you with up to date fee estimates and regular invoices.
  • We will guide you through the difficult Family Law process and manage your expectations.
  • Your phone calls and emails will be responded to within a reasonable time frame.
  • We will provide you with exceptional service regardless of whether you are a private paying or Legally Aided client.
  • We will try to avoid the need to initiate proceedings in the Family Law Courts if there is a cheaper and more effective way to resolve your problem.
  • We will attend Court personally on your behalf as frequently as possible rather than brief Counsel for each appearance.
  • We promise to be socially responsible: a percentage of your fees will be donated to charity, we use Fair Trade products & provide Thankyou Water. We stock "Who Gives a Crap" Toilet Paper!
  • We will be environmentally conscious through use of recycled products and running paperless files as much as possible. Although more expensive, we use 100% recycled paper.

We are a Specialist Family Law firm.  We are socially responsible.  We aim to make Family Law as accessible as possible.

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