We are a Specialist Family Law firm. We are socially responsible. We aim to make Family Law as accessible as possible.

Why We do what we do


Why we do what we do

Not to Spoil the Ending for you, but everything is going to be OK!



Specialist Family Lawyers

Most firms are obsessed with billable hours and excessive overheads. They can also be stuffy and outdated. We do not have an expensive CBD office.

Our meeting rooms are pleasant (you will be greeted with an Oxfam expresso coffee complimentary Thankyou water). If you would prefer to pay for needless overheads such as marble floors and expensive artwork then The FLP is probably not the best fit for you. Our focus is on providing accessible expert Family Lawyers.

We offer a free no obligation 30 minute interview valued at $250.


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Why you should choose us

We are a specialist Family Law firm.

We are a Gold Alliance Firm with the Law Society of South Australia. We are a Corporate Member of the Women Lawyers' Association of SA. The Principal Solicitor is an Independent Children's Lawyer and a member of the Western Australian Family Law Practitioners’ Association.



We are socially responsible.

Being socially responsible is at the core of our values. We are environmentally friendly (paperless office), support produces such a Fair Trade, Thankyou Water & Who Gives A Crap toilet paper! We also donate a percentage of your fees to our partner charities.


We help you through the Pain.

Dealing with separation is tough. Unable to communicate with your ex? Not getting a fair property division? Not seeing your kids as much as you'd like? Stop trying to work things out for yourself and let us guide you through this difficult time with our specialist Family Law advice.

We are Accessible.


Weekend appointment? You bet.
7:30am appointment? You bet.
FIXED FEES? It’s our preference.
We understand that many clients are "asset rich" but "cash poor".



By the Numbers...

  • Over 1000 client consultations

  • 1000s of Family Court appearances

  • 100s of FDR mediation conferences

  • Over $50k to Charity

  • 100s of cups of Oxfam coffee brewed

  • 1000s of bottles of Thankyou water provided

  • .... loads of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper used!

  • 100% Awesome!

2019 Doyles Recommended Lawyer


National 2019 Finalist Thought Leader of the Year


Western Australian Member

Western Australian Member

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We are a Specialist Family Law firm.  We are socially responsible.  We aim to make Family Law as accessible as possible.

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