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First Free Interview (anywhere in Australia) - video/phone

We offer a free no obligation 30 minute first interview (including by Video or Phone). You'll get some preliminary advice from a specialist Family Lawyer and a feel for what we are able to offer you. We can provide you with any necessary referrals and an indication of cost if you decide to continue to use our service.

We always recommend consulting a couple of different law firms before engaging a lawyer as you want to ensure that you are both comfortable and have confidence with your solicitor of choice.

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By Video, phone or in person. Your choice.

We have flexible appointment times to accommodate a meeting outside of your working hours and we can also meet on weekends. We've always been progressive and have clients all over Australia. At times a video or phone meeting is more convenient for you - we understand!

If you are applying for Legal Aid then we will get you in to see a paralegal who can assist with your Application, take some relevant information, scan any documents into our electronic file and get the process moving for you until such time as Legal Aid approves your funding.

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Our Services


Angry that you are not getting to see your children? Is your ex withholding the kids? Are you unable to communicate with your ex? Is there an Intervention Order in place? In all of these circumstances The FLP can help you to make arrangements to see your children whether it is by negotiation or, if necessary, Court representation. Click here for further information around what we can do to assist.

Property Settlements

Have you worked hard as the main income provider of the family? Have you been working your butt off looking after the kids? Either way, property settlements can be a time of confusion and anger. Why should your ex be entitled to your superannuation? Why should you walk away with nothing because you were busy raising the kids? Click here to read how we can help.


Divorce is a separate application to your property settlement and parenting matters. We recommend that most clients file their own Divorce Application to save in legal fees, click here to find out more. Contact us for some guidance before doing so.

Legal Aid

All of our solicitors engage in Legal Aid work.
Click here to see how we can help.

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Guardianship

If you are reading this then you are likely considering separation or have recently separated. It is imperative that you update your Will! Click here for further details.

Care & Protection / Youth Court proceedings

We have solicitors who can assist with Care & Protection (Families SA) matters. Click here or please call the office to see how we can help you.

We are a Specialist Family Law firm.  We are socially responsible.  We aim to make Family Law as accessible as possible.

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